Stand Alone Power Generation Systems

Photovoltaic Power Generation System for a village (centralised system)

Photovoltaic power generation capacity : Over 10 kW
Targeted facility : Village
Use : Lighting, TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, street lights
Advantages :
  • Load capacity at the terminal/station is variable, making the electricity supply more flexible.
  • Operation and control of the Photovoltaic (PV) Generation System can be centralised.
  • A facility supervision system can be easily established.

Photovoltaic Power Generation System for school, medical clinic, public hall, or private residence.

Photovoltaic power generation capacity : 1-10 kW
Targeted facility : School, medical clinic, public hall, or private residence
Use : TVs, VCRs, telecommunication equipment, lighting
Advantages :
  • Able to give priority in supplying electric power to public buildings and electrified facilities.
  • Easy to collect fees such as for use of facilities, medical vaccine storage, recharging, and water.
  • Facility management staff can concurrently control system operation.
  • Effective for improving living standards.

Solar Home System (SHS)

Photovoltaic power generation capacity : Less than 300 W
Targeted facility : Individual house
Use : Lighting, TV, radio, street light
Advantages :
  • System structure is simple.
  • Ideal for use in decentralized villages.
  • Can be used precisely, since users are in individual housing.